The Wilshire Corridor

The Wilshire Corridor on Wilshire Blvd. is between Glendon Ave. and Comstock Ave. and is mostly commercial properties, condominiums, co-ops, and apartments.  
The buildings associated with the Wilshire Corridor is mainly The Park Wilshire, LongFord Condominium Associates,  Westford Condominium, Westholme Condominium, Wilshire Manning, Ten Five Sixty Wilshire,  Dorchester, Regency Wilshire, Blair House, One O Four O One Wilshire The Apartments, The Churchill, Mirabella Condominium, Wilshire Terrace, Wilshire Comstock Condominiums, Beverly Westwood Condominium, LA Tour Wilshire, Crown Tower Apartments, Wilshire Selby (West), Wilshire Selby (East), Wilshire House, and Wilshire Holmby.