Zoning and Land Use

Generalized Summary of Zoning Regulations 
    City of Los Angeles
A1 - Agricultural -  One-Family Dwellings, Parks, Playgrounds, Community Centers, Golf Courses, Truck Gardening, Extensive Agricultural Uses, Home Occupations.  
A2 -  Agricultural -   A1 Uses.
RA - Suburban -  Limited Agricultural Uses, One- Family Dwellings, Home Occupations.
Residential Estate:
RE40, RE20, RE15, RE11, RE9 - Residential Estate - One-Family Dwellings, Parks, Playgrounds, Community, Centers, Truck Gardening, Accessory Living Quarters, Home Occupations.
RS - Suburban - One-Family Dwellings, Park, Playgrounds, Community Centers, Truck Gardening, Home Occupations.
One-Family Residential:
R1, RU - One-Family Dwelling -  RS Uses, Home Occupations.
RZ2.5, RZ3, RZ4 - Residential Zero Side Yard -  Dwellings across not more than 5 lots (2), Parks, Playgrounds, Home Occupations. 
RW1 - One-Family Residential Waterways - One-Family Dwellings, Home Occupations (10)
Multiple Residential:
R2 - Two-Family Dwellings - R1 Uses, Home Occupations.
RD1.5, RD2, RD3, RD4, RD5, RD6 - Restricted Density Multiple Dwelling - One-Family Dwellings, Two-Family Dwellings, Apartment Houses, Multiple Dwellings, Home Occupations.
RMP - Mobile Home Park - Home Occupations.
RW2 - Two Family Residential Waterways - One- Family Dwellings, Two-Family Dwellings, Home Occupations.
R3 - Multiple Dwelling -  R2 Uses, Churches, Schools, Child Care, Homeless Shelter.
RAS3 - Residential/ Accessory - R3 Uses, Limited Ground Floor Commercial.
R4 - Multiple Dwelling - R3 Uses, Churches, Schools, Child Care, Homeless Shelter.
RAS4 - Residential/ Accessory - R4 Uses, Limited Ground Floor Commercial.
R5 - Multiple Dwelling - R4 Uses, Clubs, Lodges, Hospitals, Sanitariums, Hotels.
CR - Limited Commercial - Banks, Clubs, Hotels, Churches, Schools, Business and Professional Colleges, Child Care, Parking Areas, R4 Uses.
C1 - Limited Commercial - Local Retail Stores (100,000 sf. ft.), Offices or Businesses, Hotels, Hospitals and/or Clinics, Parking Areas, CR Uses Except for Churches, Schools, Museums, R3 Uses.
C1.5 - Limited Commercial - C1 Uses-Retail, Theaters, Hotels, Broadcastings, Studios, Parking Buildings, Parks and Playgrounds, R4 Uses.
C2 - Commercial -  C1.5 Uses; Retail with Limited Manufacturing, Service Stations and Garages, Retail, Business, Churches, Schools, Auto Sales, R4 Uses.
C4 - Commercial - C2 Uses with Limitations, R4 Uses.
C5 - Commercial - C2 Uses, Limited Floor Area for Manufacturing of CM Zone Type, R4 Uses.
CM - Commercial Manufacturing - Wholesale, Storage, Clinics, Limited Manufacturing, Limited C2 Uses, R3 Uses.